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Camera-Systems Morpheus

MORPHEUS optical process- and device observation - made for rough industrial application

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We are providing the interface between human and technics for sophisticated operation and observation of industrial process and facilities - a new generation of interactive process-visualisation.

Our Expert Team (feat. by TecTradeSolution GmbH) is putting you in the position to recognize events before they endanger and to control industrial facilities savely and efficiently.

In particular we are specialized in:

  • the optical monitoring of processes and facilities within explosion-prone areas in the industry,
  • industrial safety technology by video surveillance via IP,
  • personal security, monitoring of hazardous areas,
  • cognition, evaluation and notification of events which are not visible or just are happen to notice by humans,
  • development and programming of the active components,
  • planning and execution of the complete surveillance system and fault
  • monitoring the automation of technical process in the control room,
  • ergonomic arranged, interactive videowalls and displays for the operation and visualization of central process management systems,
  • development, planning and execution of the complete establishment
  • solutions for fuel level and flow rate

Special solutions of the human-maschine-interfaces for a secure future.

MORPHEUS optical process- and device observation made for rough industrial application heavy-duty / Ex-zone 1

MORPHEUS is an optimal solution for demanding process- and device-observation tasks at site in Ex-zone 1/2. As an intelligent, decentralized, high resolution IP-video-camera system this process- and device-observation can offer an optimal overview in rough industrial applications and thus increase safety significantly.

MORPHEUS is an explosion-proof, high resolution optical process- and device-observation system with a HiRES IP video camera powered by Mobotix. With a 3 megapixel resolution and up to 30 pictures per second.

MORPHEUS can be configured and programmed according to the conditions of the device. Due to numerous possibilities of freely programmable event- and alert-sensor windows, events can be recognized. This triggering event can be analyzed susequently by means of integratet pre-/postalarm records. Error analysis . A link to PMSX (central process management system) by binary output card or via BUS is also possible.

Nothing will escape MORPHEUS!

You decide what it should report! With MORPHEUS you can pan, tilt and zoom virtually. Your advantage: he camera still supervises the entire area and all event- and alert- windows stay active. Therefore, the camera is not blind at the side facing away during the panning and zooming. In case of an event or alert the view changes to the alert mode. And: there are no movable parts which have to be maintained or can wear.

MORPHEUS processes and evaluates events independently, decentralized with its own processor and data storage and sends the found picture to the network. All messages and alerts are produced by the camera. Therefore, there is no danger that events or alerts are generated too late due to a too high data throughput in an evaluation apparatus with many cameras.

By example:

During an observation the transmitted picture quality is reduced. Only changed pixels are send via net. In case of an event or alert the event will be recorded with the highest quality and the picture will be displayed in the foreground of the monitor.

A nearly unlimited amount of cameras can be connected to an observation system and configured according to the conditions of the observation station. A connection to PMSX (central process management system) is possible.

MORPHEUS is equipped with an EEx de plug, which allows the assembly respectively disassembly during maintenance works in Ex-protection atmospheres without any „glow of fire“.

All cameras are brought together by an IT network with CAT 6 cable and the data of the pictures are transmitted. MORPHEUS can be initialized with each browser by release via network.

The views of all cameras are administrated in the network and monitored centrally in the control room by means of the supplied software „MX ControlCenter“ Special alert scenes and layouts can be set. Alert output to PMSX (central process management system)

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